Doggie Day Care

What To Expect

The next best thing to staying home with your pet is having your pet attend doggie daycare. It is a great way for your dog to get lots of exercise, special attention, socialization and meet new friends. We offer over 6,000 square feet of clean, well ventilated, crate-free, fun-filled indoor and 4,000 square feet of outdoor space. 

Daycare is available Monday through Friday, 7:00am – 6:30pm.

Doggie Day Care Pricing

10 and 20 full day packages available. 

$23 - Full Day

Tiny/Small Breeds

$26 - Full Day

All Other Breeds

$18 - Half Day

All Breeds

Getting Ready for Daycare

  • Doggie daycare availability is limited based on occupancy.  Please call ahead or, better yet, make a reservation before coming so we can ensure there is space for your pup.
  • There is no need to bring anything from home unless your dog will need to eat while with us.  If bringing food, please label the container with your dog’s name.
  • Upon arrival, simply text and we will come out and get your dog.  No need to leave your car!

Going Home

✔ We are happy to keep a credit card on file so pick up can be as simple as drop off.  If you prefer to pay in person or with another method, just come on in.

✔ Doggie daycare is exciting! DON’T BE ALARMED if your dog comes home and sleeps for hours on end. He isn’t sick; he’s “dog tired” from all the playing!

✔Your pet may appear very thirsty when she comes home. Be assured, we provide fresh water at all times, but she may need to drink more water when she arrives home, especially if she isn’t used to all that activity.

✔ You may notice your dog has minor scratches on him. Again, DON’T BE ALARMED. He was just interacting and playing with his new friends the best way he could—with his paws and his mouth.

✔ It is also not unusual for your dog to be limping or favoring one side for a few days. Just like us, she gets sore muscles from all the exercise (especially if she’s used to surfing the couch).

✔ By the end of a fun day at doggie daycare, your dog may smell, well, like a dog. If your dog comes home tired, smelly, and dirty, it means he had a great day.

✔If you have any questions, just ask us! We always welcome pet parents to call the office line during the day and check in

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